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Caitlin Caserta, Fishkill, NY 12524

Work Completed Date: November 18, 2014

Hire Again: Yes!

Member Comments: 

Everything went great. Dave and staff were professional and punctual. Always on time and answered every phone call. Gave accurate estimate, clean and covered all furniture. His timeline was accurate, he said the job would take 5 days and it did. No hidden fees or findings. I would recommend Dave and staff on any painting or contracting project. If he can't do the job, he knows someone who can.


Nicholas Sardino, Hyde Park, NY 12538

Work Completed Date: November 07, 2011

Hire Again: Yes!

Member Comments: 

Dave at Star Painting is a perfectionist and a great businessman.  I highly recommend his services for both interior and exterior painting jobs.
First of all Dave is highly responsive via email and phone, he ALWAYS calls you back, which is rare among contractors.  Second, Dave is meticulous and has incredible attention to detail and cleanliness.

I hired Dave to paint the main upstairs area of my house (raised ranch - living room, main entryway including stairs, and hallway to bedrooms) including the ceilings.  From the time he showed up to the time he left, he was incredibly careful and professional - he treaded my house and my things like they were his own and showed great care with everything he did.  They spent the first few minutes moving my furniture being incredibly careful not to break anything or cause any damage.  Everything was placed in the center of the room and covered with drop cloths.  

The actual painting went by so fast - it takes me forever to prep and paint - so having a professional was highly worth the investment.  He took the time to repair all the dings and holes in the walls and in the ceiling.  One part of the ceiling where the tape was starting to crack he cut out and re-did.  Dave and his crew (Robbie) are highly skilled in cutting in the edges - they got paint only on the walls and ceiling where it belongs - nothing on the casing, heaters, or floor.

Dave noticed that the black iron railing on the staircase was looking a little ragged, so he took it upon himself to retrieve some black paint from the car and fix it.  A couple of weeks after the job was done a spot on the ceiling started to peel a little, and Dave came back to fix it for free.

Dave uses the highest quality materials, and although they are more expensive than paint at a big box store, they are worth the price.  He does not charge any markup and will give you the receipt after the job is done.  If any unused supplies were purchased, he will return them instead of billing you for them.  
Dave doesn't just send a crew, he does the work himself and is on site 95% of the time to make sure the job is going as it should.  Dave's crew is great as well, in this case it was a young man named Robbie - very professional and treated
the job with the same level of care that Dave did.  

Overall I am very happy with Dave at Star Painting.  I would recommend him to anyone, and will continue to use Start Painting for as long as I live in this area.



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